Friday, 26 May 2017

99. Trash-or-Cash ARMOUR

A while ago I started the cash-or-trash series, where new opportunities were screened. Also today I have pulled the old magnifying glass out of the closet for a close up on an old friend. This share was a part of my portfolio years ago, but kept on decreasing dividends (and kept on doing so ever since I abandoned this ship). ARR and no, this is not about talk-like-a-pirate-day. See what’s up?

ARR or ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. As per the usual with these kinds of companies, information shared on their web-sites (almost) require university-degree-eyes to make educated guesses on actual financial health of the company. So that you know, I do not consider myself being a financial professional despite my years of experience in investing. That’s why the following list will not only comprise the company’s own view, but also market sentiment as shared by colleague investors and digital-investing-moguls.

Share price

Distributions per year
Amount of shares
Dividends per distribution
Dividends per year


REIT: relatively higher dividends although normally I would aim for higher yields (10+).
Ever since mid 2015 the stock price more or less levels out (although it is making a run for it lately).
The corporate website seems to showcase a transparent policy to shareholders.
Monthly dividends.
COO Mark Gruber bought 2,000 shares of the stock in a transaction dated Thursday, May 4th. His total participation is now set at (approximately) $332,588.85. The CEO bought 5000 shares (now owning 86,623 shares).
The latest.SEC filings have revealed that institutions owning shares of have increased their transactions by 10.32% in the past quarter.
Dividends have decreased hand in hand with what seems to be stock dilution?
Apparently there’s another 0.19 USD of dividends coming to investors in June. No increase here.
Less than 10% dividend yield.


Another 7 monthly dollars in the bank may not quite be the fireworks that we’re all looking for. Still, what is going to happen with ARR’ s (I will not make any further silly jokes about the ticker) dividend strategy if the share price proceeds upwards (with higher management also owning a fair amount of shares)?

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