Thursday, 15 June 2017

101. Week 23-24, Dividend status update 2017

Busy weeks, now that there’s finally no real argument to stay inside. works transfer from couch/tv to backyard. Automatically, this also tends to override any blogging activity. Every now and again I tear open my dividend calculator to tweak a little bit more. Only to recognize (days later..) that doing so actually cranked some reference somewhere.. Learning every day: Consistency is truly important.

Have you ever read the blogging for money books (a christmas present, I will never engage in investing in these open-door do-like-I-did-and-you’ll-get-rich! books)? Well the book I’m referring to already mentioned: you’ll not earn anything mention-worthy in your first years. And that is even taking into account:
  • You’re blogging about a commercial item (where stuff is actually required to be purchased: a DIY blog or-the-like);
  • The blog is interesting enough for any sponsorships;
  • Your adsense account is approved etc. etc.

So much for the thinking out loud, let’s get down to the dividends. As an inspiring co-blogger put it: have a look at how much I earned this week, without so much as stretching my legs! This update will be a little bit different than what we’re used to (as mentioned in the intro, but I actually tore down the whole lot of my dividend tracker and started over…)

This month, the realised dividend meter remains stuck (for now) at 14.61 USD and 20.40EUR. Till date this brings some total graphs:

As I said, the format actually went bananas! This revision of my sheet is actually going to work.

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