Sunday, 2 July 2017

104. Week 26, Dividend status update 2017 and entrepreneurotic startup thoughts

Startup now or forever hold your peace. I should be happy it doesn’t work like that, but, entrepreneurotic as I am: every second without my own company feels like a lost battle on the inside. Just how can it be that starting up a proper business doesn’t seem to work for me?

Other than RDSA rights being converted into 5 new shares (and a remaining 15 and-a-bit-euros, there is not too much to mention dividend wise. But not to worry, the upcoming month of July has a track record of being the loudest bang of the year. This does give some time and space to elaborate and mindmap opportunities (and just as important: definite no-goes).

Till date, I’m a straight 5 days a week 8-5 er. I would love to reduce to a 4 days working week in order to get my own company running. There’s a lot of help on how to start up a business, just searching the internet brings all the information one may possibly need. Here’s my main struggle:

What to do if you have no idea on what to exploit?

See, that not even square 1. More like 0,1.

I’ ve got some capital set aside as investment;
Professional retailer;
Automated big-data programmes;
Run risk;
Company should be something I’m proud of showcasing to family, friends and colleagues;
No signing up to fixed costs;

In the past I’ve been keeping my family updated on all sorts of wild plans for my own business (from renting houses to starting a consultancy service to …). It may be no surprise that any credibility I had is reduced to unreadable fine-print on faded re-used newspapers. No matter how enthusiast the message or how great the latest ideas are.

Reading of articles and books on how to approach this very first challenge named the WHAT phase give an interesting view. The more desperate you are, the easier it gets to take the leap and put your best effort in to make it work. Well, the positive lesson from this is that I’m not desperate (not just yet). One other lesson is that there are not too many persons sharing good business ideas for free (whatever the clickbait promised in the first place).

I hope you also enjoyed doing business this week and be sure to keep us all in the loop on any great bargains you find out there!

If you have a minute, don’t hesitate to fill me in on your thoughts / opinions. Some good (and free) advice is always welcome. If you feel like connecting and sharing: please hit the Google+ follow button or find/follow me on twitter!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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