Monday, 10 July 2017

107. Week 27, Dividend status update 2017

That’s me writing week 27 already! As a good friend once told me: Time surely funs when ye’r having flies. Continue to read more!

Dividend wise it’s been a rather uninteresting week (with only so much as 0.17$ in total paid by the twins HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise co.). If it weren’t for a typo years and years ago, this position would have been closed and gone already, but the share has been performing pretty well in the last years.

As already highlighted in POST 70.  SDIV seemed to be a reasonable stable purchase. And there I went, last week I submitted a purchase request for 53 shares of the Global X SuperDividend ETF. Admitting, lately there has not only been hosanna around this ETF. This might turn out to be a shameless ignorance from my side, on the other hand, this might just be a prime example of good timing.
This, combined with the 40 crumbs of Armour Residential REIT recently joining (approx 900 Euros in net worth), will at least contribute to an expansion of my portfolio.
When talking absolute numbers, this will (after taxes) probably result in another 10.00 USD per month. Now, let’s hope the dividend strategies of both companies will not change any time soon.

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