Tuesday, 11 July 2017

108. June 2017 Goals Investing Update: Am I on Track?

Without goals, it is really hard to push for results. That’s what I’ve learned before starting this blog. A concise summary of my progress vs goals can be found here. Keep reading!

As I noticed, quite a lot of other dividend investors make great use of the Google sheets application. Having mastered Excel, I really enjoy the subtle differences in user interface.

Running chart

Starting off with the yearly cumulative figure, below is the blue line representing a steady 200 USD of dividends each month. The red line indicates the actual cumulative of dividends being paid. We find that the expectations may have been set up a bit too high on forehand. Actuals are lagging behind after a small “positive” back in April.

Another great feature here is the gauge chart tool set.

Gauge charts

Till date, a reasonable amount, however, taking that we are in the second half of 2017: I am likely to end up in the orange this year. There’s been plenty of writing about this bit already so, I’ll leave this as it is for now.
I’ll start to get worried when my total investment value decreases to less than 30k. Anything above 33k will result in some profit taking.
As you may know, I’m running a side gig too. (Re)selling stuff through Ebay or alikes. For now, I’m doing quite okay, but I haven’t really found that particular product EVERYONE NEEDS. For now, I’ve been doing quite well with lower value items, with my wife and babyJ being available to handle all logistics (strolling to the postal office and back with packages) the whole family is involved in earning an extra dollar to spend these holidays!
Adsense, who doesn’t love it? Besides this blog, I’m running some Youtube channels on the side (another side hustle indeed).  The videos feature all kinds of (self-made) operations and each channel is more or less tailored to suit a specific niche or people's interest.
I will not go into detail any further, but key thing is that this is really a gem (albeit a low glow instead of bright shining stage light) when it comes to passive income. Upload once, retrieve advertisement income till eternity. (Untill terms and conditions are changed off course).

One way to measure profitability (over the past 12 months) of a share is to measure the Yield obviously. Seen that investing is all about historic figures and we’re all reaching out to get a glimpse of that shiny crystal ball. Merely to learn that there is no such thing (usually). That’s why have been working on a Yield predictor. Figures for my portfolio are as follows:

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