Monday, 17 July 2017

109. Week 28, Dividend status update 2017

Writing week 28 for dividends and side hustling. Triple digits!

So actually dividend wise not much was going on. No Euro stocks paying and the USD portion of my portfolio only concluded the following:
My thrift shop sales recorded a jump in revenue: I sold a trumpet-starters-kit for a good 110 Euros. The complete package resulted in a 6-Euro profit, way to go (various reasons, main one for me: it had dents and bends in places a normal trumpet wouldn’t). Still this took the all time revenue of my thrift shop sales to +400E. Started this business in March this year with the aim to earn some additional euro’s to spend on BabyJ and holidays. .

To this same thrift shop account, a complaint was filed for not having supplied dimensions of a 10 Euro trumpet mute. Seen that I try to put best effort in a seamless operation:
- Shortest possible delivery turnaround times (sometimes meeting next day delivery!),
- Same day response to all and any questions,
- Every now and again a personal note in the package to wish someone good luck with his/her purchase,
- Asking buyers to take a good look at the pictures up front,
- Remembering buyers that (also when an item is collected at my doorstep) the price remains the same,

These mitigating measures should reduce risk for disappointments to 0.

Having ensured the “due diligence” steps of above,  a complaint was the last thing I expected. Having given this some thought, I settled with some nice words of advice on how to solve the “problem”. Purely business. Hey, this case would not have been different with any other (semi) professional mail-order-service-mute.

This same week, a whole new idea sparked to mind! In various forms it crossed my mind already, but this time I just went for it and emailed some connections to get some more intel. More on this exciting topic later (when I’m sure the idea’s credits are solely mine).

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