Friday, 21 July 2017

110. Turning Big data into gold: Charts

Another handy tool just entered my calculation sheet: date-linked net dividend per share charts!

Big data is awesome.

This allows users to find out whether there is an upgoing or pear shaped trend in dividend distribution for this stockpile.

One of my happiest shares at this moment gives the following chart since I own a portion of their company. ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLev Mortg REIT ETN or MORL in short.
At the right hand side there’s the absolute dividends in USD. This indeed is a monthly paying stock however, only quarterly an actual celebration taking place.

One of the Etracs brothers, Etracs Monthly Pay 2xL WF MLP Ex-Energy (LMLP) as currently being a part of a smaller portion of my portfolio appears to follow a similar route:

Having these spikes appearing in a neat frequency just gives me the following idea (anyone have an idea already?). When put in the same schedule (and zoomed in a bit more) it becomes clear that the frequency is similar, but MORL lags a month behind with it’s spike.

Anyone have hints on how to use and abuse this characteristic?

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