Monday, 24 July 2017

111. Week 29, Dividend status update 2017

Enjoying my latest gizmo in my dividend tracker sheet. Although, it’s not all bright lights and rainbows. Now that I’ve been able to draw up an actual visualisation of the dividend development it becomes clear that my portfolio is not a sustainable one. Let’s see what happened!

Last week, the only share paying out was the PSEC (Prospect Capital Corp) adding another 15.58 USD to my account. On a monthly basis, which is not bad at all. They’ve been doing so ever since March 2015. Comparing the dividends per share in a line graph ever since I first purchased some back in the days gives the following chart.

A pretty dramatic drop after February 2015, but overall a pretty stable share that is currently enjoying an upward trend.

As a result, the monthly earnings went after it as well.
Well, cumulative (start of ownership till date) this particular position has earned me well over 600USD in dividends. With a stockpile that hasn’t moved much since (at the time of writing it’s total result ex dividends  is minus 170USD). Could be worse.

There’s some more shares in my portfolio that follow this same profile. Not too much to be enthusiastic about this time. I’m going to list these charts in one of the following posts to see what the best plan of attack will be to see some increasing numbers here.

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