Tuesday, 1 August 2017

113. July 2017 Dividend update

Straight back to business, that's what this blog was about in the first place. Still I like to thank Pollie and DH in particular for taking the time and effort to respond!

So far for the month of July. Ups and downs here and there, but most of all I’ve come to realise that strategies and goals require a thorough shake and polishing every now and again. Should circumstances request so.

Now how about those dividends that flushed in without a single drop of sweat this hot month of June?

USD Stocks paying dividends this month

Just because I like visually presented development better than just raw number crunching tables, this month’s performance of my dividend portfolio is shared in even more graphs than before. Presented in neat graphics (made available by Google Spreadsheets):

Who doesn’t like Pie!?

Comparison against previous years

In hard USD figures the dividend payments till date result in the following spiked chart: Clearly, a year is build up from 4 ecstatic dividend distributions. Usually these are scheduled around the same months allowing for a nice warming up and cooling down period towards and after. This also affects the spending behaviour in new stock purchases. Money on the move. Towards me please.

To see what percentage of growth (negative or positive) this month’s figures result into is visualized in the following graph. Here the monthly distributions are compared per year. What we see here is that the June figure is keeping the growth in the higher regions (this month +23% compared to last year’s).

The Euro graph, because I am a little chauvinistic.. However, absolutely nothing happened this month.

Dividends are scheduled by their respective distributors in a (preferably) very structured manner. This characteristic makes the harvest neatly comparable over the years (again, by Google Spreadsheets):

Here we have a truly comparable format for showing the monthly payments over the years! And, in a slightly different format:  

And off course for the EURO stocks this time (same as last update):

Because these have always been rather inconsistent (ever changing portfolio…) there is not a real logic in which months are the promising ones. Although, May and June have been good to me apparently! An update to this comment: I’m all about expansion of the current portfolio, and as indicated in the little teaser of this article: a new strategy is soon to be launched!

Thus far, the 2017 figures have been following the exact line of 2016. This is a surprise for me since at the start of this year, I have been investing to get a larger bucket of regular-dividend paying stocks. As of this month, it finally looks like the new bar is set!

Looking at cumulative YOY % changes: currently, this month brought me 8.7% ahead of last year. If the remainder of the year will follow this course, things definitely are looking good.

Now, this is what we were actually after: a yearly comparison on absolute current standings. How far are we as opposed to last years averages? You’ll find it here! All in all, the yearly average this month (total dividends paid / 12) is depicted below:

Just to give an impression, the Euro performance of this year (I’ ll only share 1 graphic for these. You’ ll understand why)


Here we’ re going to take a closer look at the actual performance per shares package. The yields per share calculated through the amounts already paid out and the projected yields as derived from this first number resulting in an yearly estimate. It should be noted that each share price is a manually taken (at some point in time) so this chart is purely indicative.

These figures are also available from google finance directly, but I prefer to have the actual performance (and predicted performance) calculated for myself.


The “Future” figure I’m currently working towards is a steady additional 200USD (on average) per month for this year. To see whether I’m actually getting somewhere with this figure (that is for now grasped out of thin air) is clearly visualized in the below figure: Up till this month we’re not really doing that bad!


This is probably recognized as Any Other Business (usually the closing agenda item for meetings). In this case: it’ll represent Adsense Or Beyond meaning: anything else income wise (other than my daytime-job income). Forget the name-tag, it just means an additional few euros in the bank. Actually, the thrift shop sales were not too convincing. There has been little action from my side too.

Adsense income last month
0.50 EURO
Thrift shop sales
2.00 EURO

2.50 EURO

Hope you guys also enjoyed doing business this month! If you have a minute, don’t hesitate to fill me in on your thoughts / opinions. Some good (and free) advice is always welcome. If you feel like connecting and sharing: please hit the Google+ follow button or find/follow me on twitter! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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