Thursday, 3 August 2017

114. Goal and strategy considerations update July 2017

Where am I and where am I heading? By being able to draft up and spit out numerous charts it is now time to get more structured in keeping track of the goals and strategies.

Dividends, being the main cut of the passive income plan are a great way to make money with money. Important to note: stay on top of the market, learn from colleagues (in the same field of investing) and:

Only gamble with money you’ re OK to lose.

This last sentence made me shiver: off course am I not okay in losing 30k in euro’s! Now, that is why I have started this bit of my (still 100% free!) site. To keep on top of the ever changing the market influence on my earnings and portfolio. That’s why I try to write more about this hobby of mine: we’ re talking REAL money here. Money that is accepted to buy basic needs from, but also to be spend on nice wannahaves or holidays. Or schooling for our kids.

For starters, this year I had the ambition to reach 2000 USD in dividends. Using the dividendmeter style here: seemingly this goal is met.
What I did not foresee this January: me spending another few thousand dollars of day-time-job earnings on stocks. Until January I was really proud of not having spent a penny of my own money in the past years and only reinvesting whatever earnings I had. This did not work out too well and resulted in a very narrow portfolio. With frisky-risky shares in there too..

Going after high yield dividends has definitely lost me money in the past. Risks are high and sometimes these companies are eating themselves from the inside out. Being out there on the stock exchange floor is like being a student in the supermarket: there’s only so much you can buy with your (VERY) limited budget. And off course you want to get the A-brands. And you want to reduce overall risk by diversification.

To track a reasonable steady income, I find it interesting to see an average figure for dividends per share earned per month. The figure represents: the sum of monthly dividends (per share) / amount of companies paying out this month.
The optimist in me says: This figure seems to be leveling out  between 0.2 and 0.15USD per share, per month. What may be interesting: find if there are ways to crank this up a bit.
The pessimist says: seems to be level out to a lower region than average at start.

To find out an average overall figure for dividends per month since the start of the database:
Seemingly nearing 160 USD per month on average. A definite aim is to lift this average.

Nobody said it was easy. If it were, we’d all be millionaires.

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