Thursday, 7 September 2017

126. Individual performance: ORC

As of this post it has officially become a series! Today's screening will zoom in to the performance of my latest purchase.

Orchid Island Capital Inc. according to the company website: “a specialty finance company that invests in residential mortgage-backed securities, or RMBS.”. Mortgages again. A new development in my portfolio tracker should be to identify different sectors in which my shares operate.
The feeling creeps up on me that (especially) the monthly paying shares  are all in mortgages / financials. A popular band once said: Sad but true! a quick count tells me my portfolio is dipped in financials for almost 50%. But they do pay good dividends…
For now, back to:

I own 112 shares of them (complete coincidence, the dutch 911 is 112… is this a sign?) since July 2017. First dividends received in August: 13.33 USD (after taxes). Today, the next payment is lined up for this month of September: 13.15 USD, again after tax. The Google finance chart: ever since July 2015 a steady 14 cents per share were paid monthly. Share price strolled everywhere between 9 and 12 USD. Resulting in a yield of 17,45%.

Recent relevant news updates from well known investor information sources:

True blue tribune, September 6, 2017 presenting a comparison between ORC and ACRE (both NYSE, and small cap finance companies. Apparently ORC is the lesser of the two…  We’ ll see.

Since purchase, the share bundle price left me over 80 USD in the red, but seems to have equalled out now. I’ll stick around for say, half a year to recover. But this review has pointed out to me that I should move away from piling up any more financials (for a while) now!

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