Friday, 8 September 2017

127. Individual performance: NYSE:T

AT&T, what is happening to you? Not too long ago I feared to have missed the train on it’s way up. But now, since the day time job has become less stressful, my eyes fall upon an article posting AT&T @ 52week LOW. What did I miss? And more specifically, is this a gold-wrapped BUY opportunity with stadium-lights fixed on it? Let’s find out some more!

Fed by a dividend update of the Dividend Diplomats a research in to AT&T Inc. The company website gives only very little investor-information (or am I looking in the wrong place here?). I’ll start with the Google newsfeed. The funniest thing happened here. At the time of writing, I find the following two article headlines (from the same source) at the very top:
So, something fishy is going on here. Looking at the share price chart until 2017 there’ve been solid dividends paid out in the past. Except for 2017. Am I correct in finding that there’s one missing in Q2? Is this part of the catch of a too cheap to be true dividend generator?

[Edit: I stand corrected here: apparently all dividends were paid out neatly following their schedule. No fake news here!]
According Nasdaq the company is operating in crowded market where also (heavyweight) newcomers are nosing around to get their grip tightened in the Tech corner.
NYSE:T currently trades at a market capitalization of 215.52B. Huge, which might be a soothing factor here.

And, giving the guys at Alpha some credit, the current EUR-USD rate does make this deal even more attractive. But then again, this is a pro T’s got in common with the USA in its entirety.
Reading further from another Investorplace piece indicates that subscriber growth was already slim like shady, but when (competitor) T-Mobile rocked the boat with free Netflix subscriptions for new subscribers dark clouds packed together above the AT&T office.

Well, so far I have not really caught too many positive vibes. I’ll be circling around AT&T’s head for a while (buying at the right time is not your typical vulture’s characteristic, but you understand right?). Just to see if that share price will equal out at some point AND off course whether or not their dividend policy is ever going to return. Instead, I bought some Arcelor Mittal and Ahold Delhaize, just to bring some orange to my portfolio. And because I believe these shares will go up (eventually…) and no real bad news was shared in particular on these. AMS:AD even brings some dividend to the table.

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  1. Hi DLH,
    The reason hy T is down is due to uncertainty of their takeover attempt of Time Warner. It is not fully approved yet and T would take a lot of debt if they succeed with the deal.
    And they didn't miss on paying dividends on any quarter, I have them in my portfolio and sticking to them :)
    One a separate note, I am glad to have found your blog. I actually ran through ALL of your posts in a couple of days :D I really like your casual style of wrtiting, keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much for your correction here! I'll repair this post accordingly ;) Thanks so much for you kind words too. How are you doing (investment-wise)? My aim in keeping up this blog is to force myself to make "educated guesses" and recognize patters/risks in any form. See you around! Cheers