Monday, 11 September 2017

128. Week 36, Dividend status update 2017

Really enjoyed being a blogger for a while (and still do!). For the past few months the posts are viewed quite well. But occasionally, when someone takes time to comment and scribble some kind words that does work motivational!

You may or may not have seen the words of BI underneath my post on AT&T. Apparently T did pay out all terms, and I might’ve missed out on a great opportunity to purchase another heavyweight in my portfolio :). But, I can only spend money once (a month).  

Last week’s dividends were not too much to talk about anyway, the only company paying out was NYSE:ORC, with a 13.33USD clean off tax. Not a weekly record, but the orchid Island group pays out quite well. Although the share has taken a hit since purchased. Currently down from 10.16 to 8.09 a share. Woops.

Returning to AT&T, seen that there seem to be quite some dividend-focussed colleagues who have filled their pockets on T: This may not be a bad time. I went ahead and placed an order for 19 pieces. Also, last week, just before everyone shut their broker programmes I took the leap into another telecom focussed company I have high hopes on (albeit a France-listed group): Orange has literally entered my portfolio (16 shares, so also, just 200-somewhat euros).

By continuously comparing myself to colleague-bloggers I have been developing a portfolio-spread-chart to compare the different sectors currently represented in my portfolio. More on this one later!

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