Thursday, 14 September 2017

130. Goal and strategy considerations week 37, 2017

Piling up on small payments. Diversification in terms of investment sectors was one of the things still outstanding but now covered (in this update). On to find the next hurdle, or point of improvement for a more steady and secure dividend income!

As with my previous posts, also this 130th one is a selection of my thoughts. So far, this blog really helped to set out a heading for me to follow. Occasional comments do work encouraging :). My current strategy reworded and a (very early) moment of reflection of it:

Reduce risk but increase dividend,

Knowing that you’ll find no investing-related piece of text without a lengthy disclaimer attached to it, it may be clear that storing money to peel off dividends is not a safe haven. But hey, there aren’t too many of those around these days. And I’m not even remotely hinting on cryptocurrency and their shortcomings here.

A while ago, I went ahead with 1000,- EURO bundles (monthly) and buy dividend shares. Not exceeding this limit. Actually, holding onto that guiding line was already more of a system as opposed to the (recent) past when I just looked at how much I had available.

The upside of splitting up in so many different shares (for me as a semi-pro) though, is very similar as the downside. Volatility works in both positive as negative directions for all shares.

As of this month, I can proudly present a portfolio that consists of shares from 39 different companies. The number of shares that actually pay out a dividend however, is considerably smaller. The following graph indicates the number of dividend paying companies through the past years, counted over the past years that I have been keeping track of these numbers.

Not entirely to be seen from this graph, but believe me on this one: the list of monthly paying companies is growing.

Now, I have been running through my all-time earning statistics to get an idea on what averages we’re talking about in total.  Per dividend paying entry, the moving average for monthly paying stocks seems rather stable below 10 USD. Logically, the quarterly spikes are falling and, after a while, this average will equal out asymptotically.

In the same asymptotical sense, the average payment per month as displayed in the next chart: equalling out around the 160 USD line. This figure is the result of all monthly payments till date divided by number of months passed.

Looking at the last chart, it does seem as if the line is ready for a small move upwards as a result of the recent purchases.

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