Sunday, 8 October 2017

137. Week 40, Dividend status update 2017

My first week in a new position at a new employer and most certainly in a very different geographical place. Only a few km from home! Time to ride some bike! Really, I will try this when it stopped raining.

Till date, only a total of 17cts are paid by the “jolly twins” I call the Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. Of which I am a proud owner of 1 share of both of them. Obviously, due to a typo somewhere years ago :).


Share name
nr of shares
dividend paid

So dividend wise there is not too much to mention. Furthermore, not too many investments were made this week. Within not too long of a time another few batches of stocks should join my portfolio to keep momentum. Thing is, however, that I find a lot of shares are pretty expensive today. But, it would suit my style to buy some anyhow.

I followed some leads pointing towards AT&T a few weeks ago, turned out to be a great decision there! As of lately, I’m getting good vibes from JNJ, Johnson & Johnson and O, Realty income.

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