Wednesday, 25 October 2017

141. Individual performance: NYMT

New York Mortgage Trust, REIT. Dividends equal to last quarter’s, reason enough for a small celebration?

NASDAQ:NYMT. Ever since I’ve added this position to my portfolio, it has worked towards a good 450 USD in dividends. Currently there's 206 shares with my name on them. Not the biggest, but surely a (more or less) stable fund over the past years.

But, seeing the net dividends paid:

It’s about time for some good news. preferably in the form of a dividend raise… Looking at their own chart presented on the dividend-page, it may just be time to take a small hit on the stock and be happy with the dividends paid so far. That is, if this year is continuing the downward trend my gut tells me is going on.
Yearly summary of dividends

As a standard, corporate web pages never really show the back of the tongue (and they definitely are not spreading round the gossip I use to aquire new positions). Recent relevant news updates from well known investor information sources:

Stock daily review: Hinting on a 2 (buy / strong buy) rating at Zack’s. Good news here. Apparently, this rating is also used as a basis for all the other blogs and papers I’ve found.

Just something else while I’m getting at it: Am I the only one getting absolutely fed up of EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE popping up a window asking for my email address for new updates? Truly? I know personal data is a gold mine, but it is starting to take some annoying forms (my opinion).

So far, on NYMT I believe the current strategy to await this years results and keep this position for now.

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