Thursday, 26 October 2017

142. Goal and strategy considerations week 43, 2017

Apparently, this part of the worlds is doing quite well. In Mr. Draghi’s speech of this afternoon a significant cut in purchasing of bonds after January 2018 (Was 60 bln, will be 30bln. PER MONTH). Apparently, Euros is spent in European economies ever since 2015.

Mind blowing numbers. The only time I’ve seen more digits aligned: remind you of anything?  

Now what? After reading this  opinion piece I’m starting to hear that tiny voice deep down inside screaming that there’s a lot of money at stake here. Personal and hard earned money that is. Is the 1000,-- + Dividend income a month re-investment a sustainable way to go, if I’m feeling internal struggles?

Fun fact, I’ve been following the blogs on investing and personal finance for quite some time now and I realise my portfolio is nowhere near some of the “seniors” here. Anyone else got the same vibe?

But, to end with on a positive note: This should most definitely allow for new opportunities opening up. But no Bitcoin for me please.

I wouldn’t be me if there were no fancy charts following up:

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