Monday, 1 January 2018

157. Year in review 2017 Dividend update

Happy 2018! Past year certainly was a pretty great one. Less talking: more results!

USD shares performance per month

USD shares performance cumulative development

USD shares performance monthly average development

The EURO stocks are of no significance, so next thing will display the development of dividend paying stocks per month in my portfolio

Sweet, 16 shares in my portfolio that paid out last december!

YOY % gains

YOY cumulative gains in %

Goal versus actual dividend

Year totals in graphics (I just love visuals)

Best performers All-Times in my portfolio

A zoom in on the prize ponies. Net dividends per share.

So far for the Etracs series. Next up is the CIM share dividend development.
Next graph is for the PSEC portion of the big performer. Clearly to see that this company is slowly
reducing their payout.. What to do next?

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