Friday, 10 August 2018

162. Last one for a while

Dear reader,

Trusting this message reaches you in a very good shape and mood!

All of the posts as written herefore were drafted with a rough almost-professional-blogger daze around my head.

Little did I know that what the other successful bloggers already warned for (It's going to take sacrifices in all sorts of ways before you're even close to successful) is oh so true.

With a family like mine (2 wonderful boys and a lovely wife) I have made the decision to put some work in automating a lot of what is going on around the Dutch Lake House.

You may have noticed, a lot of the graphics on the other tabs are as manual-labour-intensive as the plastic toys that seem to appear all around our house. Having this data on display out in the open keeps me in the race for FIRE. Also, you guys always have the latest stats available.

Long story short, I am not going for a professional blogger status. Nor is it my aim to live off the passive income generated through a blog.

What I do want is to share my status in the process of FIRE and keep the soul alive through tweets in this cozy little community we've got going on. (Not sure if everyone agrees, but I count myself in). Automating a lot of blog-content is a major step for me to get an insanely crowded analogue life sorted and on a straight path.

If interested in how to do stuff like this on, give a shout (twitter works probably best there).

Have a very very great time,


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