Wednesday, 26 December 2018

164. Checklist additional income

Dear reader!

Little is fed into search engines as often as "earn money", "passive income" or "get rich quick".

New actions in achieving additional income listed below! And no, I promise there will be no such thing as: fill out online surveys! Walk your neighbours' dogs during shit weather or the likes.

Let's get down to business!

Sponsored Twitter
 1. I did put some effort in getting Sponsored tweets to work for me. Might be me, but it seems as if somethings not entirely in order with the verification email process. So far, (December 2018) no income generated. Also, no payment details filled in as yet. Dodgy?

2. There is a donations button to the right hand side of this site. Please make use of it to help realize some dreams! In case you got interested in the material displayed on this site. Please drop me a message and some of it can come your way!

Setting up thir party content on this site
3. partnerprogram ads are placed on this site. Be sure to visit them every once in a while! is a great shop for just about anything. Thusfar, I have bought numerous gifts and books from this company. Service with a digital smile! So far, products are shipped within the Netherlands and Belgium.

Topdeals van Bol!

Become an artist and sell work!
4. So there it is! I call this one, a long shot. First of all, a creative mind should also facilitate a business process somewhere. Obviously, theres money to be made, but how? Use of materials + consumed time & effort should all make for a nicely sold piece. So, the first hurdle will be the actual item itself, but when finished I shuold be able to get rid of it too

Save Green! (and Blue!)
5. One of the additional income streams could off course just be as easy as saving money! Now, take a good look at todays monthly expenses and see where we can trim. A thing that has bothered me for a good while: Why do we flush our toilets with perfectly fine potable water? A quick calculation for a 4 headed family where everyone makes a nr1 or 2 in the morning & evening: 8 flushes per day @ 6L per flush for a full month already adds up to 1440L ( =1.144m3) . At a Dutch rate of 0.82Euros per m3 the initial investment for a full 100% ROI within 1 year can only be as much as (1.44 x 0.82 x 12) 14.17Euros.. Lucky me, I've got hording qualities a hamster would be proud of.

Normally, one would use a machine as advertised (but ROI...)

Setting up other shop on other fronts
#. -Under Construction-

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