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Welcome to my own Personal Finance Blog! Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to get to know me!

Firstly, some words about myself:
Entrepreneurotic (startup-blogger)

The latter being a stable state-of-mind since a few years now. Being a mental rather than a medical (dis)order. 

Born in 1989
First real job in 2003
Started brainstorming about owning my own business in 2004
Introduced to stockmarket in 2006
Graduated as Engineer in 2012
Married my awesome wife in 2015
Started distance learning courses for continuous improvement of the brand "Me" in 2016
Became a dad in 2016
Started a blog in 2016
Became dad for the second time in 2018

What next?

Besides the aim of this blog to satisfy my exhibitionistic personality (not really, not in that sense…), this site may best be viewed as a personal tool. Something to guide my own quest to money. Trust me, for me it was just as odd as it sounds. Sharing personal finance out in the open on internet (even a tiny site like this) felt like showing up at a job-interview in my birthday suit. 

I have set up a number of rules for myself with regards to writing:

  1. Informing. Posts in this blog are to be informative.
  2. Truth. All that is shared here is personal and thus reflects truth, MY truth.
  3. Milestones. Sharings and postings are not solely meant to serve for your amusement, having written them down marks personal goals and milestones to be met.

The ITM triplets as above allow me to display achievements, but even better: they require me to put extra effort in monitoring and controlling investment steps. In other words:

I NEED A PLAN, and now I come to think of it: a Goals page would fit in quite nicely here too.

Keeping the above in mind, I have listed a range of target subjects that I would like to share my POV or experience on:

Stock investing, movie investing, starting a blog, dividends, renewable energy (solar panels and wind turbines) saving money & personal finance, goals, traveling, twitter, youtube, google, monetizing ideas, books, cars, pensions, innovations, being a dad, being a husband, personal fitness, gardening, grocery shopping, conspiracy theories, kids toys, facebook, etc. and yadi-yadi-ya.

And you may have noticed this site to be a .tk or .blogspot.com. Well, to cut a long story short: this works for me. At the time of writing, I find that the monthly dividend harvest does not allow for (yet) spending on a monthly basis. Even though you may notice the advertisements on the side of these pages: these are not the moneymaker nor the aim to be so for me. However, any kind of free money is my favourite!

For what it’s worth to you my dear reader: I will not haunt you to share your email addresses to sign up for freebies or newsletters that are hardly ever read (in my case..).

Again, thanks for visiting and please leave a comment if you feel like contributing! All criticism is valued, but every now and again I appreciate a nice word (or two).

With kind regards from the Dutch Lake House.

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