All over the internet, there’s awesome stories on successes we as investors have had. And without doubt, a lot of them are correct, right, honest and genuine. With this amount of bad news around us these days we should definitely celebrate every bit of light that shines in our lives.

Still, I do not want to forget about mistakes I’ve made in the past: Reason for me to start a Scrapheap. Being, a list of companies and logos that were far from successful for my portfolio. In every sense of the words Unsuccessful and far.

The only TWO thresholds to make it to the Scrapheap are:

  • Share package nett value to decrease by over 70%


  • (Near) total-loss due to Delisting of company shares from exchanges

Some of these might still in the portfolio because of my wish to never sell any Reds.  I know that this is in fact a very silly strategy, but hey. I blame my age (forever 22).
This is not meant to be a wall of shame, this is merely a reminder for myself to see how many times I put money on the wrong horse.  

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